We see ourselves as individuals, as non-conformists conforming with the idea of non-conformity purely for the sake of not conforming to the collective – to the conforming and non-conforming collective of individuals.

We hear about a greater good, of many greater goods, bigger than ourselves, more important than the individual, and that you, the individual, must conform with this new idea because figures of self-proclaimed authority, by various means, compelled you to conform, to join the collective, to not think for yourself, to rarely ask questions, to adopt new principles and to adapt to a new paradigm.

We speak, from within the collective, of the great Authority committing valorous and noble acts in order to preserve our way of life in accordance with the new paradigm, to conform with the new principles, for the greater good; acts which, in a vacuum, conform with what we are told is the right way.

We see the great, all-knowing Authority lying, cheating, stealing, murdering—committing genocide—and yet, neither the individual nor the collective dare stray from the path that we are told is the right way, principled, of sound moral judgment, and for the greater good.

We hear our whole lives to stand up for the weak, to believe in ourselves, to create our own future, except when the all-knowing, all-powerful and, as always, great Authority tells us it is illegal, immoral, against the will of the collective, and will result in your being ostracized, your incarceration, or your assassination.

We speak of atrocities committed in far off lands and feign love and empathy for those suffering, and for the lives lost in pointless clandestine wars and faux revolutions, for the lives lost to slavery condoned by the affluent and consumerist collective West by proxy—via “globalization”—vicariously through our vivaciously elected, loving “representatives” who villainously erode individual sovereignty, who do in fact commit, as the character V once said,  “violently vicious and voracious violation[s] of volition” (V for Vendetta 2006)— all the while feigning democratization of the Eastern slave-class.

Yet we dare not speak against the all-knowing, all-powerful, omni-present and great Authority— which loves us, very, very much. We will never see any change if we never speak the truth; if we don’t question everything and if we have no qualms with the status quo. If we hear no dissent, no doubts, no difference in debilitating data that defies the damned Authority to its detriment, then how can we even see, hear, or speak of evil?


The title of this work was chosen to express the duality of inherent truths; inherent truths are seemingly relative to the individual perceiving the truth, and to the entity propagating the truth. The poem itself was inspired by a westernization of the Japanese story of the Three Wise Monkeys, Mizaru, Kikazaru, and Iwazaru, correspondingly whose actions are to see, hear and speak no evil. This work has been made allegorical for the actions of the United States government, and of empire in general.

‘Neo-imperialist’ is a common word used to define the United States government, in contemporary terms, as a state which commits reprehensible acts ever since its inception as a sovereign nation (and prior to its acknowledgement as a nation), but in particular, post-World War II when it took the stage as a major (and eventually leading) world power. The reference to “V” is a reference to Guy Fawkes’ affiliation with the assassination plot of King James I in 1605 (which is still recognized today in British society via a tour of the London Dungeon, and via Guy Fawkes day on the 5th of November during which effigies of Guy Fawkes are burned in public). The assassination plot over 400 years ago inspired the 2006 film V for Vendetta, which was made as a political allegory for dystopian western society.  The Wachowskis, who directed the paradigm-challenging film, The Matrix, assisted in making V for Vendetta, both of which are works of deep and serious socio-political allegory.

All controversy and accusations aside, this poem is a call to action for the free-thinking individual to seek the truth of the world that we live in, to come to an intimate understanding of the machinations of globalization, and to withdraw consent from being governed by in-quantifiably unqualified, incompetent, and corrupt politicians. This poem is intended to inspire the individual to refuse to ignore baser instincts, to incite rebellion, dissent, peace, and love.